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To work for peace is to study conflict, understanding root causes and finding creative solutions. What are the underlying interests behind each side's stated positions? Who are the third siders, the community affected by the dispute, and how can they be empowered to prevent, resolve and contain conflicts? Here we pool together all we know about the world's most dire situations, identifying needs and opportunities, and bringing together the experts, funding and resources needed to achieve a negotiated solution. Our track record proves nothing is impossible.


Uniting organizations working for peace

Many foundations, institutions, governmental agencies and think tanks are doing incredible work on peace and security issues. But the conflicts persist, and their work may sound academic, technical or distant for people just wanting a simple update on what's happening and what can be done about it. This platform unites these organizations in one place and distills their work into digestible nuggets capable of mobilizing the critical mass of people needed to shift the tide towards peace.


Driving it home

It's easy to focus on distant conflicts and blame terrorists or flawed policy decisions, but the deeper truth is that war and peace begins within ourselves. We may ourselves be embroiled in numerous conflicts at home or at work, and here you will find invaluable courses and resources to help you reach mutually beneficial solutions. But taking it a level deeper, we find that our biggest opponent is the one we face in the mirror every day, that there is a part of us that chooses to react and subconsciously creates conflict situations. Join us in a journey into the depths of who we are, of what it means to be human.

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